CALL FOR PAPERS - Egypt: Geopolitical Realignment (Submission deadline: 15 March 2023)



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Journal of Central and Eastern European African Studies (JCEEAS)


Egypt: Geopolitical Realignment

  Egyptian culture dates back thousands of years to the ancient pharaohs, influenced by numerous aspects throughout history. The Egyptian civilization is also a monumental pillar of the modern history of humanity and contributes greatly to the increase of current knowledge. This issue aims to highlight the rich content provided by this influential Arab country's past and present.   Recommended Topics: In the current thematic issue, we would like to focus on geopolitical realignment in general. Topic of proposed articles, criticism and reviews should be focus on the impacts of declining U.S influence in the region on Egypt (consequences of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and the Middle East), Turkish attempts to gain influence in Libya, Syria and Iraq, the Russian-Ukrainian conflict and its direct and indirect impacts on Egypt, China's attempts to gain ground in Egypt and how did this affect the politics of the Arab state? What about foreign investment, the economic situation and current regional conflicts? However, the proposed topics should not be considered exclusive, and we consider the inclusion of energy policy, the water crisis, terrorism and anti-terrorism worthy of consideration. Regarding the latter, we would consider answering questions such as: what opportunities and current rivalries are taking place in the region in connection with the exploration and exploitation of individual oil and natural gas fields, and to what extent they affect Egypt's energy security? It also means added value if the manuscript deals with a defining phase of the life of influential Egyptian personalities, with the operation of a person from the broadly understood Arab world or another foreign person in Egypt, with Egyptian-European relations, or with the history of the state itself. In addition to all of this, we would be happy to receive papers on the impact of climate change on Egypt, with particular emphasis on water issues, agricultural production, and regional rivalries and conflicts over the control of natural resources. Finally, we want to give an opportunity to all those who want to deal with Egyptian education and e-learning technologies. Although we welcome submissions from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, articles must be somehow related to the Arab world (especially Egypt).


Deadline: 15 March 2023, text with a short bio and abstract

Publication date: June 2023

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Dr. Abdallah Abdel-Ati Al-Naggar (Academy of Scientific Research & Technology, Egypt - Eötvös Loránd University)

Dr. Zoltán Prantner (Kodolányi János University, Hungary)

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