Women as Perpetrators of Violence and Crimes in Africa


  • Marianna Kármán




Female combatants, violence, genocide, terrorism, Africa


Women as victims of genocide, terrorism or war crimes are the traditional topics of studies. But this situation necessarily changed in the last decades as number of female combatants increased all over the world. If we examine the case of female attackers in different parts of the world, we can get different shapes and form of intention behind these combats. Africa gives the various forms of cruelty caused in society by women or to women. But the line between the two sides in many cases are not clear. In this study I examine the categories of attacks committed by women in Africa, and the situation of women who decided to destroy – mainly – their own society.



2022-11-20 — Updated on 2023-06-04


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Kármán, M. (2023). Women as Perpetrators of Violence and Crimes in Africa . Journal of Central and Eastern European African Studies, 2(2), 3–16. https://doi.org/10.59569/jceeas.2022.2.2.126 (Original work published November 20, 2022)