A Review of: “Algeria: Politics and Society from the Dark Decade to the Hirak”by Michael J. Willis


  • Zsolt Szabó Eszterházy Károly University




Algeria, History, Politics, Security Sciences, Economics, Sociology


According to the author of the review, this work is considered to be one of the most important books on Algeria, North Africa and the MENA region in recent years. It is relevant, as it has been published in 2022 and it uses data from primary and secondary sources that are fresh and interesting in nature. The writer is an Oxford University professor, who has written already several books on the theme.

The author goes on to describe the book by first grading its quality concerning sources, materials and methods. Then the book is explored according to its eight chapters, by which the author consistently explores every aspect of the modern Algerian life from history to politics to economy and so on. The first chapter is about the early independence history of Algeria, the second comprises the terms of Bouteflika, the third chapter describes the islamist movements of the 1990s, the fourth chapter considers the politics and economy of the country, the fifth chapter turns to concentrate on the existing political opposition and its forms in Algeria, the sixth chapter examines Algerian politics and society, which is also an improtant factor, the seventh chapter focuses on restive regions (Kabylia, Mzab, Saharan South), while the eighth chapter's aim is to describe the country's position in the international community.

The book uses primary sources collected on the scene (2015-2017) and an impressive list of secondary sources listed in the bibliography at the end. Its style is fluent and regardless of some minor debatable issues, his findings are to be considered new in the research area of Algeria, the North African region, and the MENA region. The author finishes his review by confirming that he could only recommend this book to every reader or researcher who is interested in the topic or want to conduct research based on it.




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