Terrorism Threats and Rising Bullion Van Robbery Attacks in Ghana


  • Richard Andoh University of Hradec Kralove




Ghana, Realism, Security, Terrorism, Armed robbery, Violence, Corruption


Bullion van robbery attacks have emerged as a significant security threat in Ghana in recent years. They pose grave consequences for national security and social, political, and economic stability. This paper provides an overview of Ghana’s rising bullion van robbery attacks. In the paper, realism theory is used to portray the rate of bullion van robberies and their daringness. The subsequent analysis illuminates the factors contributing to the rise of these attacks, including the current economic downturn, socioeconomic problems, and corruption complicity. It explores the potential involvement of organised crime syndicates. The paper recommends a multifaceted approach involving enhanced collaboration between security agencies. It also involves stringent regulation and oversight of cash transportation, technological innovations in security systems, and improved training for law enforcement personnel. Additionally, it emphasises the importance of public awareness campaigns and citizen engagement to foster a collective response to combat bullion van robberies. The paper concludes that the rising trend of bullion van robbery attacks in Ghana requires immediate attention from both the government and the private sector. A comprehensive strategy encompassing preventative measures, swift response mechanisms, and robust law enforcement efforts is imperative to mitigate the risks posed by these attacks. This will safeguard the nation's security and socioeconomic stability.


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