Constructive simulation system developments in Hungary


  • Attila Zsitnyányi +36302103627


Military-, law enforcement-, disaster management simulators, Constructive CAX simulation, Africa, local and inter-country conflicts, KRONOS, MARCUS


In Hungary, the Zrínyi 2026 Home defence and force development program, and the Irinyi industry development plan defined the defence industry as one of the national strategic industries.

In Africa, the management of local and inter-country conflicts, economic problems, livelihood crises caused by climate change, terrorism and migration require prepared military, law enforcement and disaster management organizations. The efficiency of training could be significantly increased by the introduction of modern simulation tools, these countries are just at the beginning of this transformation. Hungary has significant national capabilities in the field of constructive and virtual simulation training solutions. Over the past 30 years, new, cost-effective solutions have been developed, the Hungarian solution becoming even more economical and flexible, available for more price sensitive customers too. The present study summarizes the current work on the Hungarian constructive simulation system, as well as the requirements expressed by current and potential users (even from the African continent) and the development plans.




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