Here there be Dragons: Evolution, Potentials and Mitigation Opportunities of Cybercrime in Nigeria

A Review, Analysis, and Evaluation


  • Attila Mate Kovacs Obuda University


cybercrime, cyber, threats, education, information, technology, policy, Nigeria


The world is becoming increasingly interconnected due to advancements in technology and the adoption of the internet. The once widely used traditional forms of communication such as parcels have become unpopular. The development of computers and the internet has become the primary mode of communication. Internet is now widely used across businesses, government departments, and individual mobile connectivity. However, the increased internet use has posed modern threats attributed to cybercrime. Nigeria is experiencing growth in population and internet connectivity, with an internet penetration of 33.6%. With an estimated population of just over 205 million people, the impacts of cybercrime will continue to increase. Nigeria is now regarded as the cradle of cybercrime activities in sub-Saharan Africa. Cybercrime is estimated to cost the economy of Nigeria $649 million annually. Besides, cybercrime activities have other impacts, such as impersonation and plagiarism. Due to the scale of these impacts, it is imperative that an adequate capacity to handle emerging issues in cybercrime be developed. The study investigated cybercrime preparedness in Nigeria. Research findings indicate that Nigeria has inadequate legal and educational preparedness to help mitigate the rising incidences of cybercrime in the country. The country has only one cybercrime act passed in 2015 and five universities that offer cybercrime-specific courses.




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