The Price of Instability

Terrorism and Africa’s Development


  • Toyin Falola



Africa, Nigeria, terrorism, insurgency, regional approach to combatting terrorism, secession


Africa’s problems are compounded by terrorism — the use of violence to attain certain objectives, including but not limited to armed insurgency, and secessionist agitations. Terrorism is a consequence of the prolonged state of instability across the nook and cranny of the continent. Put simply, terrorism and underdevelopment are the prices that Africa pays for treating with levity the need for stability. Africa cannot continue this way. There needs to be a holistic approach to combatting terrorism.
African states must adopt a united regional approach to combatting terrorism as insular national approaches have failed, even as new and expanding frontiers of cyber terrorism are fast gaining ground.



2022-01-09 — Updated on 2023-06-04


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